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The 2020 podcast project

In March 2020 our industry was shut down and so most of us who could still work, did so from home.

Zoom meetings proliferated and so did webinars and podcasts.

I decided it was time to get to know the back story to a few of my friends in the industry.  While their work is mostly well known, how they got there was another story.

Enjoy our little chats.

Episode 1: Meri Took – from migrant kid to Staging Rentals

Episode 2: David Green – from roadie to DG Global

Episode 3: Thomas Brown – from Disney University to Events Fantastic

Episode 4: Ian Stuart – from busking in England to Business Events in Sydney

Episode 5: Andrea Heath – from party animal to party animal

Episode 6: Anne Jamison – from catering failure to Saxton Speakers Bureau

Episode 7: Lena Malouf – from country store to president of ISES

Episode 8a: Peter Jones – Melbourne Football and theatre tragic

Episode 8b: Peter Jones – behind the scenes of Melbourne events to what the future holds.

Episode 9: Philip Carr – from South Africa to Sydney

Episode 10a: Roslyn McLeod – from tour guide to the early days of conferences in Australia

Episode 10b: Roslyn McLeod – the highs and lows of the 21st century

Episode 11: Karen Bolinger – from “ten pound pom” to CEO of the MCB

Episode 12: Johnny Allen – from Aquarius Festival to teaching event management

Episode 13a: Andrew Walsh – from theatre to the Centenary of Australia

Episode 13b: Andrew Walsh – the Athens Olympics, Melbourne Commonwealth Games and more

Episode 14: Di Henry – from Easter Show to Olympics Torch Relay

Episode 15a: Sandy Hollway – from public servant to head of SOCOG

Episode 15b: Sandy Hollway – post Sydney Olympics to the future of events in Australia

Episode 16: Nick Eltis – a look at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games 

Episode 17: Ruth Lillian – pioneer of medical conferences in Australia

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The 2020 podcast project | Australasian Special Events
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