International Harm Reduction conference win for South Australia

Published On:September 26, 2010

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The Adelaide Convention Bureau, in partnership with the Adelaide Convention Centre, is proud to announce that Adelaide, South Australia has won the bid to host the May 2012 International Harm Reduction Association International Conference.

“This was another example of Team Adelaide providing a strategic solution to the client (IHRA)” said Adelaide Convention Bureau CEO Damien Kitto “our partners in the bid process, The Adelaide Convention Centre and the South Australian Tourism Commission were also instrumental in securing this 1,000+ delegate conference to our destination”.

He continued, “the total solution presented to the IHRA was not just about the suitability of the destination. Whilst that is of course important, we focused on Team Adelaide’s ability to assist with sourcing the required sponsorship, building relationships with key local, national and NZ stakeholders and a commitment to support the client’s planning and promotion from now to May 2012”.

“This being an International Conference, we also built a strong ‘Case for Australia’ in the bid outlining key strengths in Australia’s well established harm minimisation strategies and programs” he said.

Managing Director of the Conference Consortium, Mr Paddy Costall said “Adelaide’s bid is amongst the best, most comprehensive and relevant conference bids we have ever received”. He continued “The Adelaide Convention Bureau and Team Adelaide partners have shown a total commitment to collaborate with us and other affiliated organisations to plan towards delivering exceptional event solutions for the IHRA Conference in May 2012”.

As is the nature of the business events industry, this bid process commenced some time ago, in March 2009 with the final presentation and negotiation taking place at IMEX (International Meetings and Events Expo) in May this year.

Conference & Exhibition Date:                   6-10 May 2012

Expected delegates:                                       1000-1200

Bed nights forecast:                                        7395

Economic impact forecast:                           $5.8 million

The successful win of this event takes the number of international conference wins secured by the Adelaide Convention Bureau in this calendar year to 5 with a forecast economic impact of A$13.4 million.  The total bids won this calendar year number 23 – with a total economic impact worth A$40 million.

IHRA Background:

The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) is the leading organisation promoting a harm reduction approach to all psychoactive substances on a global basis. IHRA exists to prevent the negative social, health, economic and criminal impacts of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco for individuals, communities and society. IHRA supports the engagement of people and communities affected by drugs and alcohol around the world and works to promote harm reduction and human rights issues within national, regional and international bodies (such as the UN).

International Conference Background:

The IHRA conferences are held every year, attracting over 1,200 delegates from all over the world. Recent host cities include Liverpool, Bangkok, Barcelona, Warsaw, Vancouver, Belfast, and Chiang Mai.

The event has become the focal point for knowledge sharing, networking and promoting evidence-based best practice in the field of harm reduction. The delegates include front line workers, researchers, policy makers, politicians, people from international organisations, people who use drugs and people working in criminal justice. These events have helped to put harm reduction on the map and to coordinate advances, innovations, evidence and advocacy in this field for the last two decades.

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